About Brickville DesignWorks

What is Brickville DesignWorks?

Brickville DesignWorks is a commercial venture, begun in the spring of 2004, with the goal of using LEGO® bricks and products to produce events, displays, exhibits, and custom creations.

Brickville is headed up by Canada's first LEGO Certified Professional, Robin Sather, one of only 21 in the world. Robin leads a team of "Brickmasters" that help build creations, and participate in running events.

What can we do for you?

The Brickville team specializes in creating and running LEGO-based events - public and private, large and small, one day or for permanent display. Most events also feature the Brickville team members themselves, interacting with people and enhancing the experience, but other events involve stand-alone turn-key displays which are installed and left for people to enjoy on their own. Brickville works with each client to create the perfect "LEGO Experience".

Robin, and the Brickville team can also build custom creations for you or your organization. A wall-sized mosaic, your company logo, a model of your new building, or a life-size statue of your founder, anything is possible. Large or small, give us a call.

Brickville is based in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, which is just outside the city of Vancouver, in the scenic Fraser Valley. Most events are staged in or near Vancouver, but many projects take the team throughout western Canada. Of course, we can ship your created sculpture, model, or mosaic anywhere you like. Brickville is open to anything. Contact us with your ideas.

About Robin

Robin Sather is the leader and veteran of the team. He has been collecting and playing with LEGO for over 50 years. He has been active in the LEGO fan community for over 30 years, even well before the emergence of the internet. Robin was one of the founding members of both the Vancouver LEGO Club and the Fraser Valley LEGO Users Group (formerly AbbyLUG). He helped the LEGO Group create the LEGO Certified Professional program, and is LCP #001! He is the onscreen co-host and LEGO judge on LEGO Masters New Zealand, which has run for 2 seasons so far.

Personally, he delights in the fact that he has never had a birthday or Christmas go by without receiving at least one LEGO gift from his loved ones! He enjoys all aspects of building, but especially likes developing castle, pirate, and other historically themed creations. When Robin isn’t busy doing LEGO stuff, you may see him out riding a PEV (like a OneWheel), singing karaoke, playing pinball, or hiking. At home, he's likely making retro synthwave music, deep into an open-world video game, watching a favourite movie, or BBQ’ing steaks in the backyard with friends and family.

Many people have been part of the Brickville team at times over the years, and kudos go out to people like Nathan, Dave, James, Lili, and many others, for their continued great work. Special thanks especially to partners Scott and Paul, who were around at the very beginning of the adventure, and contributed so much to most of the early Brickville events, with some awesome building, wonderful creativity, and lots of hard work. They've both moved on to other things, and now when we build together, it's just for fun!

A big thank you to all of you!

What's Next For Brickville?

Robin and Brickville will continue producing private and public display events, and hosting LEGO Masters New Zealand for upcoming seasons.

Check the events page for details on public events. Along the way, we'll continue build a few custom creations for clients, just for a change!

If you are interested in what we do, and would like to get involved with Brickville in any way, please contact Robin.

Last Updated: 23-Jan-2024